For products which need to conform to country or region specific norms and standards, FYBO Construct works with factories which have either already obtained such certifications, or with those we judge have the necessary quality. For the latter we then work with the local branches of international testing bodies, or local testing agencies with world standard qualifications. Working closely with them, we test, and if necessary modify, a supplier’s products until it meets the required norms. 

For voluntary norms, such as certain EN norms, during factory visits we inspect manufacturing processes, review technical or 3rd party testing documents and interview production managers. FYBO Construct also does its own checking, or hires 3rd party agencies to measure and test parts and products to ensure they meet the requested norm. 

Required Certifications such as CE, UL, DIN, GB etc.: Whether these are supplier certified or 3rd party certified, depending on the volume of the order, we can arrange with the local branches of international testing agencies to conduct the required testing and certification. If needed we will be present during testing to ensure products are tested according to the norms.



Manufacturing in China requires a deep understanding of the sourcing processes and of the country where sourcing opportunities might be valuable. With a profound expertise in the procurement sector, we are able to understand our clients’ needs. Furthermore, FYBO Construct is able to analyze and quantify the real added value created by its interaction in your procurement process. 

Where do we make a difference:

            Engineering skills: With a complementary team of Western and Chinese engineers, FYBO not only understands complex products but is also able to communicate with factories on the technical specifications of each product.

           Western quality standards:  Thanks to our European Management, FYBO knows what is good for its clients. We know where quality makes a difference.

          Deep knowledge of procurement activities in China: Buying in China requires a deep knowledge of the market and a subtle sense of negotiation. With more than 3 years of buying experience in China, FYBO Construct is confident to deliver products that meet the required quality standards at the most competitive prices.

          Integrated approach to sourcing: From sourcing opportunity analysis to delivery in our client's warehouse, FYBO offers an integrated solution for buying in China.